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The Missouri Outdoor Advertising Association is a trade association made up of advertising companies, businesses who are dependent on outdoor advertising, industry suppliers, and supporters. The MOAA's primary purpose for existence is to: "Promote and protect your right to advertise on Missouri's highways."

We accomplish this through legislation, the court systems, peer support, and other innovative methodologies that preserve this vital marketing resource.

Billboard Basics

Outdoor advertising takes a variety of forms There are several types and sizes of billboards, and each is unique and fulfills a specific function. Click HERE to take a look at some examples of the different types and sizes of outdoor media.

Code of Ethics

Click here to read more on our code of ethics. The OAAA and MOAA endorses this Code and encourages its members to operate in conformance with these principles.


Click here to read the latest update.

Billboard Gallery

See our PSA boards as well as other bill board designs by clicking here to view our gallery.